london calling

This week is spring break and we stayed close to home. And my escalating urge to travel again – to be immersed in culture and all things foreign – was close to overboil. With our youngest at the age where travel seems possible again, we hold on by the anticipation of a trip abroad planned for next year. So today a bit of adventuring close to home will have to do.

 We board a double-decker bus straight from London, right in our own downtown. My husband and I recall the last one we took, in its native city, when visiting  friends. We remember we were cold sitting top level open-air, and we ducked out at a stop for some memorable fish & chips.

Here it comes!

The university in our town owns these imported London double-decker buses that serve the college students and city residents during the  school year. The sight of these red buses weaving in and out of streets fits our quirky city perfectly.

Mind the gap, kids. 



The views are quite nice from up here.

They quite fancy the ride, especially the bumps.

At the end, it seemed appropriate to top off the ride with a scone and coffee , while we hold on to our passports for another time. We can use the caffeine. Our next trip will be here before we know it.

Where is your next travel destination?



2 responses to “london calling

  1. Hopefully, South East Asia. Though Chile, Argentina, and Guatemala are at the top of the list as well. Whichever comes first!! 🙂

    I love your quaint little town! Do you live near Berkeley? D-Man and I aren’t anywhere near settling down yet, but when we eventually do, we’ve considered the Bay Area as one of our few options. I studied down in Santa Barbara, but my life “plan” was to move up to the Bay. That is, before I fell in love and somehow ended up in Spain….

    Ah, I miss California so much sometimes!!

  2. thanks! not too far from Berkeley – in Davis. we like the bay area a lot as well and we both lived in sf pre kids. A university town is a nice option for someone who has lived abroad – because it brings students/families/culture from all over the world.
    ah, I miss europe so much sometimes! your destination list sounds great!

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