a lotta gelato

Last week we took our first spring dip into ice cream for the year.   Admittedly, we’ve been spoiled having lived in the country of gelato. Where it has no age or gender limit. Where I couldn’t get enough of watching grown men – businessmen – walking with briefcase in one hand and gelato in another (in a CONE and not a hint of insecurity about it).  And where I ordered pistachio and chocolate every time at our local gelateria and it was divine.  In our town I have found a place almost as good. 

We love ice cream, any way you say it and any way you serve it.

amo el helado – chocolate caramel chunks

gelato ti amo – mango with a cookie on top

j’aime la glace – pomegranate

ich liebe eis – strawberry

What’s your favorite flavor ?


7 responses to “a lotta gelato

  1. LOVE, love this. You’re right – gelato in Italy is pure heaven. Still can’t believe I held your gorgeous baby girl in my arms when she was 6 weeks old – and now she looks so grown up! xoxo

  2. It was a cheesecake/caramel flavored gelato on the Piazza Novana right by our hotel. Just a few months ago. It was the best thing I have ever tasted. Okay, after the wine. Great post, M!!

  3. I love pistachio! And strawberry cheesecake, black cherry, chocolate chip, turron, and oh-god-I-need-to-get-back-to-Italy-ASAP.
    D-Man and I honeymooned in Italy, and despite all of the walking around and err other activities we somehow managed to gain weight BECAUSE OF ALL THE GELATO.
    Seriously we were laughing at our “before” and “after” photos from Italy, and it was only a 12-day trip.

  4. P.S. Your children are beauuutiful!

    • haha! i think the coffee counteracted my gelato intake while in italy, or I too would have gained weight. or maybe for part of it I was pregnant so you couldn’t tell. and thanks for the kind words about the kiddos.

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