When traveling, I love picking out unique clothing and accessories you can’t normally find back home. Funky locally made jewelry in Florence. Baby clothes in Paris. Evian facial spray in any French pharmacy.

 Several months ago The NY Times  featured something I haven’t quite seen before. A “zipperskirt” from Barcelona’s Suno, a small boutique shop that creates and sells handmade women’s fashions. (The store name, Suno, means “sun” in Esperanto)


I can’t stop thinking about this fun skirt – an example of the colorful mediterranean colors and fashion you see on the streets in big Spanish cities.

 The skirt –  created by the owner’s husband – is above-the-knee, made out of one continuous zipper and comes in many patterns and colors.  Handmade and locally produced, each one is unique.


Anyone in Barcelona soon? Won’t you pick one up for me? Pretty please.

you can find it at Suno, Calle Cotoners, 12, Barcelona, (34-93) 319-7939,

for more information and photos of the zipperskirt clothing line: 

photos courtesy of  Suno

(What is your favorite fashion find abroad?)


5 responses to “zip-per(fect)

  1. I will definitely check out this shop. Very interesting idea! I wonder what happens if someone starts unzipping a corner while you stroll down on crowded Ramblas… 🙂

  2. Interesting. If I go to Barcelona in the next few years I’ll be sure to pick us up one! Looks really cool.

  3. Wow – I hadn’t heard of this! They’re very funky, I like it, they would make great gifts! I’m about 9 hours South of Barcelona, but should I return for another a visit (D-Man has family there), I’ll make sure to pick one up (I’m sure your daughter will probably want one, too!). Let me know your colors! 🙂

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