The 7 links project

It’s hard to believe I’ve been an official blogger for nine months now, ever since completing the NY Times Knowledge Network’s “How to Start a Blog” online course last Spring. (which I took – not because I couldn’t figure out how to kickstart-a-blog, but rather to give me a much needed kick-in-the-arse). So out came all those notes stuffed in the shoebox, and its subjects and memories and experiences have been pouring ever since.

What has surprised me the most about blogging is the wonderful network of enthusiastic travel/culture lovers, expats and world citizens out there. They relate to  your experiences, are willing to share their own, and create a community that is sometimes hard to find in your own backyard.

So with many thanks to Michelle at I Heart Mondegreens in Spain (one of my favorite bloggers), I have been nominated to dig up and share some of my favorite blog posts via the 7 Links Project, by Tripbase, spreading through the online community of travel bloggers  (and others, I might add).

So, from the cobwebs of Bringing Travel Home….seven links to posts that I think could see the light of day once again!

My most beautiful post

Express Yourself

I believe the first year of blogging is a  time when you experiment in finding your voice. So you try out different styles, on different topics, some humourous, some serious, some lengthy, some short – but eventually finding a tone that suits you and the subject you are writing about. This post – my third – is about the gift of growing up with exposure to different cultures, the importance of learning a foreign language, and why I am passing it on to my children. The voice I used and the post I ended up with encapsulate some of the most important things I believe in.

My most popular post

Reverse Culture Shock

Without a doubt, and thanks to I Heart Mondegreens, our co-authored post on Reverse Culture Shock was a big hit among bloggers and was Freshly Pressed.  Putting down on paper (or wordpress, really), my lessons learned and wisdom gained –  simplifying life and adopting the best of my time abroad and incorporating it into life today – required the time that separate today from my time spent abroad. And the post’s many heartfelt comments and shared experiences were comforting (we are not alone!).

My most controversial post

Bunny Powder

Bunny Powder takes a humorous look at what it’s like to be a new mother in a foreign country trying to follow the American guidebooks to baby care, and finally succumbing to the culture which she finds herself living in (even if it’s feeding rabbit to her baby).  I list this as a “controversial” post because everything with parenting seems controversial and opinionated, and I use this story often to amuse myself by shocking all the hyper-anxious new American moms.

My most helpful post

3 Paths to Working Abroad

In this post, I identified several friends to interview and provide three very different scenarios of working abroad: working at an international school, working for a corporation and teaching English independently and offered tips and resources.

A post whose success most surprised me

Discovering Expats of the 1920s

Probably fueled by the recent release of The Paris Wife, there apparently are a lot of people interested in Ernest Hemingway and his first wife Hadley Hemingway (other than me). And from the viewer traffic on this post, and the links accessed, readers appear to want to get their hands on more information on Hadley and the thrilling expat life in Paris during the 1920s.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved


This post describes being flexible when career aspirations abroad don’t turn out as planned. But if you go with it, and embrace opportunities that come along, you can experience some surprising outcomes.

The post that I am most proud of

Bimbo a Bordo: My Baby was Born Abroad

The most common question I get  is what it’s like to have a baby abroad. I have had the hardest time answering the question succinctly, because it is such a giant passage in one’s life, and experiencing it abroad makes it that much bigger and life-changing. I found this one difficult to pull together because I was still processing what it all meant to me. But I’m very proud – after years of thinking about it – to finally write this piece in honor of my daughter’s 8th birthday last May.

Now…. my turn to nominate two talented bloggers for the 7 links project. I hope they have as much fun as I did with this.

Ilina at Dirt & Noise

Monica at Travels and Change


3 responses to “The 7 links project

  1. Monique, thank you so much for including me in this interesting project. Thank God it’s not: 10 links project, because I’ve got 9 articles written so far. 😀 However, I will give it a try and have fun with it!
    Thanks a lot for your confidence (or the kick-in-the-arse, as you put it) in my work, makes me very motivated to write more!

    • Monica – I was sort of in the same boat, being new to this- but I must say the process was interesting and fun, even if a few categories didn’t really have a perfect post match. and I’m sure the 7 links project could very well be the 4 or 5 or 6 links project, as it fits the blogger…! good luck!

  2. I’ve loved all of these posts!! It’s very exciting to go back and bring them back out, I had such fun scrolling down and remembering all of these! 🙂

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