earth day air drying

In the past I’ve posted about good habits I picked up abroad that I’ve stuck with.

Today, I put one into action for Earth Day. Our temperatures have warmed up sufficiently to begin air drying my family’s clothes again. 

Years ago you would have heard me complaining about the lack of dryers found in Italy, particularly in winter when clothes took over the house, placed on top of water heaters to dry. But today I fully appreciate doing without some American “luxuries” and reap the many benefits of hangdrying clothes.

Your clothes feel better. Your clothes smell better. Your clothes will iron easier. And… they will last longer.

Not to mention, you feel fantastic sucking up less of Mother Earth’s energy in the form of a dryer.

Happy Earth Day from Bringing Travel Home! Are you doing anything special today to honor Mother Earth?


4 responses to “earth day air drying

  1. I also love hang-drying my clothes! Except in the wintertime, but I have no other choice since we lack dryers. I do love that my clothes last longer and maintain that “new” look even if I’ve worn them dozens of times. I think it’s definitely a habit I’ll keep wherever I go. 😉

  2. I have to admit that air-drying is not my preference. I like how the clothes seem to shrink back to their original shape in the dryer, and often my hang-dried clothes seem to stretch out. However, I have decided to give it another try thanks in part to your post. Now that I have 2 kids, it seems like I do an insane amount of laundry, and I could easily hang-dry most of it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • haha – today when I was hanging my second load I noticed exactly what you describe – which clothes do well hang drying and which don’t. My mom says that American clothes are made for the dryer (why that old navy tshirt seems stretched out). I’m glad to motivate you -even if it is only a portion! In this valley heat, towels, jeans and such dry quickly and you can always fluff in the dryer for 5 min to soften.

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