(i won’t forget to) smell the flowers

Taking a hike in spring when the wildflowers begin to bloom is a wonderful way to start the day – no matter what part of the world you are in.

Because I set my sights on trips far away, I sometimes forget the beauty so close to home.

This is the Lake Clementine hike (easy to moderate), in the Auburn State Recreation Area in Northern California. Popular with mountain bikers and hikers of all ages, it sits on two forks of the American River in the heart of California’s Gold Country. On the other side of the river is the old Stagecoach Trail – a popular mining area during the Gold Rush.

The hike parallels the north fork American River upstream.

Foresthill Bridge  towers 730 feet above the river and is the tallest bridge in California.

This time of year yellow and purple wildflowers dot the hills.

The butterflies are everywhere.  We see a lizard and the tail of an escaping rattlesnake too. 

I see a family panning for gold (is there any left?). Nonetheless, we struck it rich today.


7 responses to “(i won’t forget to) smell the flowers

  1. What a beautiful place to take a hike! I agree with you, sometimes we focus so much on the “big” trips that we forget to explore the nearby treasures. What a wonderful family experience you had!

  2. What a nice day that must have been. I’ve really been trying to see as much of this area as I can since my younger son was born. There is so much beauty around us! I’ve been to the Auburn area a couple of times but haven’t done a hike like this–I should go to see the wildflowers!

    • I would definitely recommend this area – called the American river confluence — it is stunning. Also a great frozen yogurt place called “Tango” in downtown Auburn to stop on the drive back (and to get the kids motivated to walk the last stretch).

  3. Gorgeous. There are definitely a lot of beautiful hikes in Northern California, one of my old college roommate takes me on a new one almost every time I go visit. *sigh* I love Spring!

    • Yes, there are so many hikes in this part of California and I’m just discovering my favorites. Mt Tam in Marin is my all time favorite. Have you been? If not, definitely go next time you are in the area!

  4. This is my ideal place for a hike and a little picnic by the stream. 😉

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