italy in may

We  just returned from our first trip back to Northern Italy since we left and moved back  home. There we embraced a new relationship with the country we once called home. We aren’t quite Italy’s tourists and we certainly aren’t its residents anymore. We’re ex-residents and it’s a lovely thing. While jet lag prevents me from writing further (and keeping my eyes open at the moment), instead in this first post I’ll share some of my favorite images captured during our stay there. Enjoy!

Italian sky over Lago di Garda

Brescia “new” Duomo

Centro Brescia

Outside Crema, Italy

Monte Maderno (our old ‘hood)

Church, Monte Maderno

beach, Toscolano Maderno

beach, Toscolano Maderno


streetside, San Felice del Benaco, Lago di Garda

Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze

Campo Santo Spirito, Firenze

Market at Salo

Stunning Lago di Garda, D.H. Lawrence called it the “milky lake”


7 responses to “italy in may

  1. Fabulous shots. So glad you enjoyed your time!

  2. Gorgeous!! I did a double take with the cheese photo, I love the cheeses here! Were you able to take any home?? 🙂 I also love the picture of your kids by the lake, they’re so cute!! Your daughter looks just like you!

    • Thnx. No, I didn’t take any home, but really enjoyed the cheeses (had blue, unpasturized goat (amazing!), mozzarella, grana padano) and the meats of course (salami, proscuitto crudo) So good.

  3. The shot of the flowers and trees is unreal! Beautiful photos, all. Some I had seen in David’s office, but there were some new ones here. Thanks for sharing!

  4. beautiful pictures.. you ‘ve visited places do not usually included in the classic Italian tour (Crema, Brescia, Monte Maderno) but that definitely worth of a visit. If you still want to tell me about what you think about “is Italy kids friendly?” you are welcome to my blog! I would love to mentioned the Salò playground you suggested in my blog.. do you any pictures about it? thanks a lot! ciao

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