pirlo please

One of the first things I do when I’m in the Brescia area of Lombardy, Italy is order my favorite aperitivo Bresciano, a Pirlo. First, because it’s my all time favorite before-dinner cocktail. Second, because you can’t order a Pirlo by that name anywhere but in this province of Italy, as we learned when we lived there.

enjoying a pirlo – or spritz – in Italy this summer

First a bit of Pirlo trivia:

A Pirlo is not called a Pirlo anywhere outside of the Brescia province. It’s comparable to a Spritz in Venice.

It is not named after Andrea Pirlo, Italian soccer legend who played for Brescia. The name comes from the whirling, circular movement or “fall “of the campari or aperol when added to the base of white wine.

A Pirlo can be made with campari or aperol (I always choose aperol).

Brescians are passionate about their Pirlo. There is even a web site dedicated to the drink!

A Pirlo is a perfect, refreshing summer drink, in Northern Italy or out. Serve with some olives or patatine out on your deck or terrazza and enjoy. Cin Cin!

Pirlo Recipe

1/3 Prosecco or Brut  (a fizzy white wine)
1/3 mineral water (very fizzy)
1/3 Bitter Campari or Aperol
lots of ice and a slice of orange

photo credit: www.ilpirlo.com (cosi’ si beve a Brescia)


7 responses to “pirlo please

  1. Oh, this looks delicious! And so refreshing. I am going to make it the next time we have friends over this summer. I loved the photo of you and your family. Hope you are all having a great summer. Ciao!

    • Thanks Sunday! It is so refreshing and looks good too – although I think aperol is not so commonly found here. Let me know how you like it – you might need to play with the amounts.

  2. I really must try this – and soon. We have out-of-town guests coming next week. Perhaps then. Thank you.

  3. Oooh, that pirlo looks wonderfully refreshing!! Especially since we’re in the middle of a heatwave right now (surviving it the good ol’ fashioned way – no air conditioning, just lots of water and getting drenched in sweat until the sun sets and everyone can finally leave their houses to have ‘tinto de veranos’ in the park). Mmmm, my current favorite ‘tapilla’ to go with my drink are anchovy-stuffed olives! Chin-chin!! 😉

  4. I’m from Brescia. We are really proud of pirlo and we also point out the differences with spritz. It’s of the things that I miss more here in the UK… Hopefully Aperol has arrived here too! 😀 Great post by the way!

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