travel is the best investment for kids

It’s back to school time and I agree with whoever said public schools should sponsor and promote ‘travel teams’ much like sports teams, because of the  life lessons the act of traveling provides young people. Our trip to Italy earlier this summer has left a lasting impression on our two children and reinforced a key family value of the importance of exposing them to different cultures from an early age – even if it’s a trade-off to a bigger house, newer appliances or a nicer car.

Stazione Santa Lucia, Venice

Read about my tips on traveling in Italy with kids here through my interview this month with travel, art and culture blog, This is My Happiness.


4 responses to “travel is the best investment for kids

  1. So true Monique and I really like the idea of travel teams. Traveling for kids is like entering one big class room, there is so much to learn out there. I believe kids can learn about various things while being ‘on the road’: differences in religion and culture, how to deal with poverty and the unequal distribution of wealth, the fun of visiting different countries, and much more. This way of education is underestimated and that is why we travel with our kids extensively ever since our youngest turned 4.

    • I so agree Emiel – and you are a living example and your blog an excellent source for learning about the benefits of slow travel. In fact, I may have read about the concept of travel teams via your blog! I couldnt agree more, that travel as education is underestimated. When one travels, in general, he or she becomes more tolerant, aware, respectful of differences in people and cultures and ways of living. That education is brought home. It should be a prerequisite for any nation’s leader and, really, every student.

  2. I just read your fabulous interview about traveling to Europe with young children. And I enjoyed learning about the concept of slow travel. I realize that we did that very thing when we traveled to France and England when our daughters were 4 and 7 years old. For example, when we were in the countryside outside of Oxford, England we tried to take then to Blenheim Palace, but when they resisted, we decided instead to stay at our hotel and let them play in the garden. It was a great day. But we were successful in taking them to Windsor Castle because they adored seeing Queen Mary’s dollhouse which is there. We also took then to Oxford University and they enjoyed doing the brass rubbings that were offered. It’s all about being creative with your kids and finding a happy medium between your own interests and your kids. And being patient and not in a hurry. Thanks for an enjoyable post and interview.

    • thanks Sunday! Sounds like wonderful travels and memories with your daughters ! They were close to the ages of my children. And yes, you summed it up perfectly – it truly is finding a happy medium between your own interests and your kids’ interests – and being creative.

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