Summer is getting its last laugh this week with temperatures in the upper 80s. But today’s forecast shows rain next week so I’m getting giggly pulling out all my favorite rain gear. There are two items I can’t live without.

Number one on my list is my favorite pair of rainboots by Kamik, a  family run Canadian company making outdoor footwear in Canada and the USA for more than 100 years.  My boots are many years old but still so much fun to wear. For my next pair, I have my eye on the “Stella” and “Eliza.” I’ll be in Quebec next summer (where Kamik’s headquarters are located) so I’ll be on the look out for them.

Stella by Kamik

Eliza by Kamik

Number two on my list is a unique umbrella that receives a ton of attention – and smiles – each time I use it (especially from kids). Rain will never get you down when you open up this umbrella. One like this was given to me as a corporate gift many years ago by the director of advertising at a local newspaper.  I reach for it every winter and it gives me a smile no matter how gray the clouds are.

open up the funnies

I’m now on the hunt for a similar umbrella but would love to find one from an international or foreign newspaper like Corriere della Sera, Le Monde or the International  Herald Tribune.

 What are some of your favorite finds to live well in cooler weather?


7 responses to “forecast

  1. These are all really fun. I am not a big fan of rain although I do like cool weather (for short periods of time). I love my son’s rain gear–it’s bright blue and green and has a frog on it. I don’t have any that I love. Maybe it’s time to change that!

  2. We`re not in the rainy season here otherwise I KNOW I could fulfill that newspaper umbrella request! Come June- I`ll keep an eye out.

  3. Monique, I love that umbrella! It would be great to get one from from a European newspaper. Many years ago I was given a Burberry umbrella, the best I have ever had. When it broke, I wanted to replace it, but they are very expensive. So I am still searching for that perfect umbrella.

  4. Boy, do I need rain boots now. My new brown leather ones are starting to get soggy as they’re obviously not made for heavy rain. 😦

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