flying south


My mother in law, who lives in Canada, likes to describe how – like the Canada Goose –  she flies south each winter to escape the cold.  We took her lead recently and escaped the chill of Northern California to the warmer climate in the sleepy beach town of San Buenaventura, California – or rather the shortened “Ventura” – where we have friends.  (Curiously I have found that the word “Patagonia” – the outdoor clothing and gear company founded in Ventura –  and “Buenaventura” share the same number of syllables. Nonetheless, the city name got the the chop a long time ago.)

Ventura is a sleepy seaside and surf town. The area feels off the beaten track and we enjoyed exploring it.

Mission San Buenaventura, (1782), named for St. Bonaventure of Tuscany, is the ninth and last mission founded by Junipero Serra in California.


The gardens feature flowers and plants typical of the climate in Southern California. I’ll admit this girl from the north is envious of the colorful and lush landscaping possibilities here.



We took a whale watching tour with Island Packers out to the Channel Islands.


We missed the annual southern migrating gray whales that day (pregnant mothers arrive in the area first, then juveniles, followed last by the males) but experienced a pod of about 75 dolphins  jumping and splashing around the boat. And this New Years Eve sunset was a special treat on our return to the harbor.


Ventura’s city hall is beautiful. This is the view looking down from it to the shore, with the iconic palm trees lining the street.


The flagship Patagonia store in its historic building is not to be missed for some high-end outerwear shopping.


We welcomed 2013 tasting some of the best $1.25 carnitas tacos in nearby Carpinteria where we also discovered by chance a lovely bluffs nature reserve  and a beautiful and long sandy beach without crowds. Some of the tallest and skinniest palm trees I’ve ever seen line its small downtown and we twisted our heads back to peer up at them. The local surf shop had just the pair of Havaianas sandals I was looking for.


Soaking in the Southern California sun we came down for, we watched the surfers to the beat of the crashing waves.




11 responses to “flying south

  1. ohh so beautiful and so warm 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed your story and photos! I should go south more often in the winter. I always have time but don’t plan ahead well enough. I am going to Pacific Grove next week, which I love but it’s not warm there.

    • enjoy pacific grove Jenna. The area is an easy 6-hour drive down the 1-5, very doable by car. And you really do feel the climate change. I mentioned to my husband how the Southern CA light/sky is so different.

  3. Beautiful photos, Monique. I especially like the first one, with the birds.

  4. Beautiful photos! So glad you guys got away and had a great time. I loved reading your description of Carpinteria. I vacationed there every summer during high school with a good friend. This is where I fell in love with guacamole – I think the avocados were 10 cents each!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful family trip. And your photos are beautiful! Happy New Year!

  6. loved taking the trip with you, and you did a wonderful job illustrating why we’re so proud of this city. wonderful pix & great writing to go along with it. thanks to the mission’s fb pg for sharing. you captured an amazing view of the islands — one that locals only dream of catching **truly a once in a lifetime image

  7. Gorgeous!! I love your photos… I almost feel like I’m there! Ahh, home.

  8. I have the good fortune (Spanish translation of Buenaventura!) to live in Ventura. I really enjoyed your article and images of our town. Interesting trivia: Patagonia’s newish office building (along Main St, near their surf shop) was designed to look similar to the old fire station in downtown Ventura. Every time, I see the Channel Islands off our coast, I give thanks that I live here!!

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