easy chic: a guide to paris street style

It’s no secret that France – or really Paris – is the center of style. When you visit and walk the streets, there is evidence of it at any age or shape. Well-tied scarves.  An understated, personal look. Sleeveless on women over  60. Great shoes on kids.  Timeless and practical, not trendy.  Natural and easy. Confidence. Today’s French style owes much to the inventions of Coco Chanel (read more about her influence here in a previous post).

So because I consider this style the holy grail of my fashion identity, I’m adding the newly-released  “Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic” to the other French guides collecting on my bookshelf on subjects ranging from parenting to eating well.


French fashion writers Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset offer richly illustrated sketches and photos in this fashion guide and promise to ” help you cultivate an everyday style of timeless glamour.”

In addition, the book lists a series of fashion faux pas to avoid (no Converse after age 26, it’s reported, is one. Ouch.) and expert advice on getting your effortless chic style on. I’m there.


4 responses to “easy chic: a guide to paris street style

  1. wanderfulltraveler

    I am currently planning a trip to France come this September and featuring a giveaway where my readers help plan my trip with me.
    It is open to those who have been and those who have dreamt about going and have their own mental list of what they would do.

    I’d love to have you enter!
    Thanks for visiting my blog as well.


  2. Love sleeveless after age 60! This book sounds very useful and I will be getting it. Thank you!

  3. Yea to sleeveless after 60. Boo to the ban on Converse after 26. I’ll be ignoring that one ; )

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