autumn plate

It feels like fall outside. It’s feels like fall online too, inside the community of travel, culture, literature, home and garden bloggers. So I bought a new cashmere sweater today in pale pink, thanks to these tips for fall travel style from This is my Happiness.  And trusty Ciao Domenica has offered this inspiration for delicious recipes including a pumpkin-spice cake with pumpkin cream-cheese frosting.

The start of a season presents an empty plate, ready to be filled with fall’s favorite things, like slipping on a new warm sweater, brewing up tea, settling down to a new book or catching a movie.


For me, that means reading Caleb Crain’s debut novel  “Necessary Errors.” Set in post- Iron Curtain Prague in the early 1990s, after the ’89 Velvet Revolution, the book is described as coming of age for idealistic young expat Americans abroad (for longtime BTH readers, no surprise this book is top of my list!).  I’m looking forward to learning more about Eastern European history and Czech culture. The Slate review writes “it recalls the dreamy pacing of Henry James or Elizabeth Bowan.”


I’m also looking forward to returning to our wonderful local art deco theater this season. I’m still recovering from Woody Allen’s tragic Blue Jasmine and am ready to enjoy a lighter comedy this fall. Enough Said  stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Eva) and James Gandolfini  (Albert) who meet and a romance quickly blossoms, but Eva befriends – and gets an earful from – a woman about her ex. The twist is that she finds out that “the ex “is Albert.

What’s on your autumn plate?





4 responses to “autumn plate

  1. I’m excited that you were inspired to get a new sweater, and in pink, no less! That’s the color I would choose if I got one this season.
    I’m so glad I saw this post because I’m always looking for books set in Prague. I have several favorites, so if you’re still interested in learning more about Czech culture, let me know. And that movie looks fun! I prefer lighter films these days.

  2. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus and haven’t really been able to watch her perform since Seinfeld times! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to watch this movie too

  3. I am so inspired by everything you wrote about! If the book is has echoes of Elizabeth Bowen, I am sure I would like it. I am also eager to see the new film with Gandolfini and Julia Dreyfus. I loved Blue Jasmine, but it really was devastating as you said. I hope she gets the Oscar, I think her performance deserves it. Thanks for mentioning me!

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