Bringing Travel Home is a reflection of my love of travel and culture. My childhood trips to visit family in Europe sparked a passion for travel and adventure that has never ceased.  Years ago I traded a corporate PR  job stateside for the experience of living and working in Northern Italy.  I now reside in California with my family.

This blog brings together what has inspired me from travel and life abroad -like finding work, having a child and parenting abroad, overcoming reverse culture shock, the benefits of bilingualism, book reviews, favorite places and recipes, and fashion finds.

Bringing Travel Home has been featured by organizations and online media including: Puerto Rico Tourism/SeePuertoRico.com; San Buenaventura Mission, blogs including This is my Happiness, Ciao Domenica, Love Mondegreens and Culture Tripper;  SugarSammy.com and ArtsSmart Roundtable.

They say once you’ve been an expat, you’re never the same. I’d say I agree.


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  1. Kristen Caplin

    I love it, Monique! You have to tell the story of the different food that was common to give children in Italy. I thought that was very interesting. I tried to share it with one of my friends and couldn’t remember any of the funny details.

    • bringingtravelhome

      thanks kristen! will do, i think you might mean the rabbit which im thinking might make a good posting for around easter time….

  2. I love your blog posts! I just read every one!

  3. It’s great to read another ex-expat’s blog. I’ve experienced many of the things you mention are common and heard other ex expats say the same. I returned from Taiwan in June and am trying to sort myself out – but it takes time and involves a few bumps along the way. If I may shamelessly promote my own blog, it’s A Journal of a Recovering Taiwanoholic http://toby-the-ex-ex-pat.blogspot.com/ .

    • thanks! It definitely takes time but the experience is never really over – I see it as a treasure that is a part of your life when you return and wherever you go. lots of luck and I look forward to reading your blog as well.

  4. Monique, I was trying to figure out how to send you an email but couldn’t so here’s a comment instead. I’m wondering if you might be interested in doing a guest post/interview on my site. I have a traveling with children series that includes occasional interviews (like Emiel’s) and I would love it if you would do one about living and traveling with children in Italy. If you think you would have the time and interest, let me know.

  5. Hello,

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  6. Hi Monique,

    I got to your blog from seeing your post on http://iheartmondegreens.com/2011/07/26/home-is-where/ , and I’m wondering if you’d be interested in contributing to a project I’m working on.

    I spent much of the last five years in India, and am having a real whammy of a time with reverse culture shock now that I’m back in the US. I’m a writer, with an MA in Writing (Creative Nonfiction) from Johns Hopkins University. I’m interested in putting together a book of personal essays on the topic of reverse culture shock, and the different ways in which people can experience it.

    I’m not in a place to be able to pay for submissions, but I think it could be a helpful book for others going through the same struggles, and it could be a great way to gain writing exposure.

    No word limitation – as long or short as you like, and any way you’d like to interpret it is fine. The general way I’m defining it in my head is as the experience one has when returning home after spending a period of time in a place culturally/economically/emotionally different.

    Let me know what you think, and feel free to forward the idea to anyone else you may think could be interested in contributing!



    • hi Brandi,
      thanks for the note. Could you send me a contact email and I can reach you that way? Sounds like a great idea – the topic of reverse culture shock is a popular one in the travel/culture blogging community.

  7. ciao Monique, I’m an Italian mum author of a blog about playgrounds. As maybe you noticed by living in my country, the bella Italia doesn’t have a culture about playgrounds yet and very often these important areas dedicated to children are too neglected and bad maintained. With my blog I’m trying to throw light on these areas, by providing descriprions and information about them and by comparing them with playgrounds existing in various foreign countries. Since you lived in Italy I was wondering if you want to tell your opinion about italian playgrounds.
    If you found some play areas worthy of note good, we could write where they are; If not we could talk about your opinion about the service that Italy provides to children. I would love to hear from you. I could write the post as an interviw or a guest post or tell me what you would prefer.
    a presto

  8. Hey Monique, the Wertises are going to Florence and Naples. I thought you might have written about them here and/or have any particular favorite books, magazines or online sources of information. Any recommendations welcome. I like art, the husband likes history, the teenage girls like fashion and pop culture. Hope all is well w you and yours!

    • That’s fantastic! sorry to getting back late to you. Jenna at thisismyhappiness blog has written a ton on Florence, you should check her out. she should be on my blog list. 16 pleasures is a fun adult read before going to Florence. as is the Birth of Venus. last time we were there we love gustapizza – one my best food recs. have your girls visit the multi level Zara shop downtown. But def check out jennas blog for lots more. enjoy!

      • also, I never made it to Naples believe it or not. only near and through it to get to the southern coast, all the years we were there. Let me know how it is. I hear it is just wonderful.

      • Thanks! I have been reading the girlinflorence blog and we are slowly making our way through A Room with a View before girls are allowed to see movie, which will give good visual overview. Book is funnier than I’d have thought. Any suggestions for fun drugstore or legal grocery souvenirs? I’m thinking a bit of espresso and fennel flavored toothpaste…

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